Saturday Activities - Secondary

Saturday Activities - Secondary:


Class V to VII

Creating Monologues

Students were engaged in creating Monologues of their own. Tips on writing a good monologue were shared and examples were provided for reference. Students were also provided opportunities to share their own creations with their friends.



Class 5 – PowerPoint – Creating the inner page for a flipbook journal using features like merging and intersecting shapes.

Class 6 – CS First – Scratch- Learning add-ons – “Flicker” – An interesting introduction to the project. 

Class 7 – Book Creator - Creating Ebooks, adding links, and embedding media to the book to make it more interactive.

Class 8 – Creating Comic strips - Adding background to the stage, resizing and moving objects for creating conversation. 

Grade 9 and 10 – Pen Pal School – Completing the project and publishing it.

  • Centre:MSB Pune
  • Date:18 Sep,2021

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