Mobius Strip

Mobius Strip:

Math Lab Activity - Mobius Strip


Introduction: The Mobius Strip is one of the most interesting and fascinating concepts of Mathematics. The study of objects like the Mobius strip in mathematics is called Topology.  Students from grades V to VIII were involved in making a Mobius strip and learning its properties simultaneously.

Objective: To make and observe the properties of the Mobius Strip.


  • Students were briefed about the activity and its relatability with subjects like science, art and engineering.

  • Material for the activity was provided to the students.

  • Videos on techniques of making a Mobius strip were shown

  • The teachers demonstrated the making and explained the underlying properties.


Students actively participated in the activity. They were able to exhibit the mathematical concepts with the variety of loops created by themselves.

  • Centre:MSB Pune
  • Date:01 Jul,2022

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