Exotic Feathered Friends

Exotic Feathered Friends:

Subject: E.V.S 

Topic: Exotic Feathered Friends

Class: LKG A

On 11th of January 2023, the mothers of LKG-A students enjoyed a visit to the Bird Sanctuary like atmosphere at school.

They were welcomed by students who eagerly handed out a ticket in the form of a badge which read “Give Water, Save Life”.

After Dua, a number of Academic and DI activities were conducted:

  • Solve the puzzles -Using images of different exotic birds.

  • Word Building Activity- A word was given, for example “nest”. Students had to find the letters written on the eggs and form the word.

  • Parts of the Bird Activity- The parts of a bird were given as a puzzle, students had to make the bird and label the parts .

  • Count and Write Activity- A number had to be picked and written on the slate. Eggs were made by rolling the clay and then placing them in the Tens and Ones basket .

  • Do- It- Yourself Activity- Students were given a choice to make anything they liked out of clay, related to the topic on birds.

  • MI Kinesthetic- In this activity students had to colour the pigeon and stick the wings of the pigeon. They also had to stick Aqa Maula’s bayan related to pigeons.

  • Parental Involvement Activity- In this activity parents had to make a bird feeder with the help of their children and display it.

Parents were very happy with the way all the activities were organised and conducted and gave good feedback on it. They were happy to see the décor, their child’s work displayed and the quality time they spent with their child.

  • Centre:MSB Pune
  • Date:11 Jan,2023

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