Life Under the Sea

Life Under the Sea:

Subject: EVS 

Topic: Life Under the Sea

“Save the Sea”

 Class LKG-B


On 11th of January 2023, the mothers of LKG-B students enjoyed an Under the Sea kind of atmosphere at school.

They were greeted by some enthusiastic students who gave them an entry ticket in the form of a badge which read “Save the Seas”.

After Dua, a number of Academic and DI activities were conducted:

  • Solve the puzzles- With different sea animals

  • Word Building activity- A word was given for example – “Sea”, students had to find the letters s,e,a (which were written on shells)and build the word.  

  • Feed the Shark activity- In this activity letters were written on the fish and students had to identify the letter, say the letter sound and then feed the fish to the shark.

  • Count and Write activity- Students had to count the number of fish and write the number on the slate under Tens and Ones.

  • Do-It-Yourself activity- With the help of clay, students were given the freedom to  make any sea animal, and display it on the slate.

  • Dirasat Islamiyah activity- Students had to colour the fish and stick scales on the fish, to drive home the message that we eat only fish which have scales on its body.

  • Parental involvement activity- Parents had to design a pledge on how they would help to “Save the Sea”. The posters were displayed for all to see.

The mothers had a wonderful time and were lavish in their praise for the event held. They were very happy to see the décor, their child’s work displayed, and the interesting activities arranged for them.

  • Centre:MSB Pune
  • Date:11 Jan,2023

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